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Paper Shredding in the Delray Beach, Florida Area

Whether you’re a small business owner, a professional in private practice, or a large firm, chances are good that you still maintain paper records — even in our modern and digital age. Offices across all industries have reams of paper as hard copy files that have to be kept safe. As a business professional, you no doubt already understand the great amount of trust that your customers put in you when they provide you with their most confidential information. Whether it’s financial information or just personal details about their lives, your customers have an expectation of privacy that you simply can’t violate. If you have hard copy records of customer data that you no longer need to maintain, you need the services of ShredEx, the premier paper shredding company in south Florida, offering document shredding services in Delray Beach and throughout the region.

You should also consider professional document shredding services to protect sensitive documents pertaining to your own business. Nearly every business has financial data that they consider confidential. Many businesses also deal with trade secrets or information that would be considered insider information to the investing public. This is information you don’t want falling into the hands of your unscrupulous individuals. Courts will generally uphold that taking items from the trash, in and of itself, is not a crime. This means that if your employees allow a sensitive document to slip into publicly accessible trash, it’s anybody’s guess who may end up with the sensitive information. Working with ShredEx for document shredding services is your best option for protecting your company’s confidential information from getting into the wrong hands.

Unlike many of your other options, ShredEx uses one of the most powerful methods of document shredding in the industry to greatly reduce the risk of unshredding. Unshredding is a method used by thieves to reconstruct shredded documents like a puzzle to reveal the confidential information contained within. Unshredding is a major risk with most consumer grade paper shredders on the market because they simply cannot destroy documents like ShredEx, a premier shredding business offering professional grade document shredding services can. Not only does ShredEx offer a more powerful form of shredding, we also provide secure containers so your unshredded documents remain under lock and key until we arrive to turn them into fine confetti. Working with your schedule, one of our ShredEx shredding trucks will arrive at your business and a FACTA and HIPAA compliant technician will shred your documents in our large truck. You can even have one of your employees witness the document destruction process for an added layer of security and peace of mind.

In addition to security and peace of mind, ShredEx can also help your business efficiency by eliminating document destruction as an office task. When you contract with ShredEx for document shredding services, your employees can get back to the jobs you originally hired them to perform and we handle document destruction.

Locally owned and family operated, ShredEx provides professional document shredding services in Delray Beach and throughout south Florida. To learn more about the ShredEx difference and how we can help make your business more secure, visit our website at (when uploading put contact link here)

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