Our Process

Our Process As a leader in providing Florida’s paper shredding services , we provide you with collection containers for confidential documents and records. These can either be 94 or 65 gallon bins or they can be a professional looking office console. All have locks and slots to insert the papers to keep any information from being released.

Our Process On a schedule that fits your needs, we collect the confidential material for on-site or off-site paper shredding and document destruction.

Our Process Afterward, you receive documentation to establish that you are complying with privacy protection laws and regulations.

Our Process We provide convenient security collection containers (making it easy and convenient for employees to use)

Our Process We destroy fast, whether it is 10 lbs. or 1,000 boxes

Our Process We shred staples, clips, film, and CDs with no problem

Our Process We free employees to do their real job

Our Process We make it cost effective. The smaller the office, the more economical the service (the less you have, the less it costs)

Do Paper Shredding The Right Way:

Our Process Shred on a regular schedule.

Sporadic paper shredding or document destruction activities can be misconstrued as suspicious.

Our Process Use your shredding contractor for ALL of your shredding.

If some documents go to your shredding contractor on a regular basis, and others are shredded outside of that process, it may draw attention to that activity.

Our Process Treat all documents equally…SHRED everything.

Isolating special records for destruction could lead to the conclusion that those documents were treated differently for the wrong reason.

Never let some records go in the trash, while others are shredded.

Our Process

Have a destruction policy.

If it explains the what, why, when and how of your destruction practices, a stated policy will minimize any hint of impropriety.